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Anna-Gaelle Marshall

Finance & Operations Manager

Anna-Gaelle specializes in supporting creative individuals, encouraging them to reach their full potential and providing them with the infrastructure and financial support that they need in order to complete their work. She enjoyed a decade long career in international broadcast television production before becoming a mother and completing a Master’s in Education with a focus on early childhood. Anna-Gaelle is a constructivist educator who believes in self-directed and civic-minded experiential learning. She also has almost twenty years of experience in business, office and project management. She likes to keep people, programs and spreadsheets organized and is fluent in bookkeeping, file management, human resources and legal-eze. She was born in France, partakes in year-round organic urban farming and loves camping with her husband and daughters.

She is also a regional advocate for community driven Participatory Art and a founding board member of Dusty Visions, a public benefit corporation.


503 765 7557 ext 104