Leading Edge is Game On!

Hello Mighty Monkey Minions! 

GUTMONKEY was hit the ground running into the first three Leading Edge Programs of 2015!


Big Dog and Jacose flew to Michigan to Pilot this year's Leading Edge: "MasterMind" 

It's safe to say that the GutMonkey crew are seasoned travelers. (flying monkeys, anyone? ruby slippers, etc..) So, one of our favorite parts of settling into a hotel room, remote woodsy cabin, what-have-you, is the "scenic reveal!" This is that very special moment after we, drop a heavy duty duffel (encumbered with 50 lbs of rubber chickens, buzz rings, and other fanciful play things), saunter over to the nearest window, and pull back the curtains; thus revealing whatever scenic vista that particular locale has to offer. Will it be the Las Vegas strip? An truly awesome Montana mountain range? Boreal forest, rich with birch and spruce? or the white sands of Oahu? 

This is the scenic reveal that met BD and J in Michigan:

"These curtains look normal enough. Let;s see what we have here."

"Why, this window doesn't face outside at all. It's a door directly to open courtyard within the hotel! Let's see what folks are up to."

"Gasp! A Paint & Pour! and just inches from our room!" 

That was just the first of many happy surprises that this year's inaugural Leading Edges delivered. More Pics and stories are coming soon from NEHA and Utah! 

Happy Trails,