People with Chronic Medical Conditions (or as we like to call them, PEOPLE)

We’ve done a lot of work with people who are navigating a chronic medical condition. It’s not exactly easy street. It’s not like navigating a Google Car. It’s more like navigating a steep zip line with a stick for a brake.

We didn’t come up with Be Brave because it sounds cool, or looks cool, but because we have spent a lot of time in the last ten years with thousands of people who remind us to show up for one another, laugh hard and play harder, and live this one crazy, beautiful, complicated gift called life.

We say, Hear, hear! And we have the honor of designing ways for people—regardless of their condition—to get out, to see and do some really amazing things, and to discover that there is so much more to all of us than a diagnosis, a treatment regimen, or a medical file. We want everyone to know that healthy means whole and whole means being all of yourself and loving every messy bit of it. That, my friends, takes supreme guts. We like the idea that your treatment regimen can come out of inspiration to move, act, laugh, eat well, and play, play, play … Just imagine if all of us did that more!

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