Corporate Clients (or as we like to call them, PEOPLE)

Sometimes, we get stuck. Or inspired. Or we just get a little lazy. Complacency is not contentment, and a creative crisis requires a creative solution. What does all that hyperbole mean? It means that dealing in hyperbole is going for broke, and we would much rather get you to the guts of the matter and shake you up a bit. We want you to go outside and do some things that make you cringe, laugh a nervous hyena laugh, get loose in the goose, and think about the nature of your work and your life. Inspiring, ass-kicking, name-taking work can’t come out of people who aren’t “feeling it.” Maybe your company needs to do some work around its culture and create a place where REO Speedwagon sings the office anthem. That doesn’t happen sitting in a conference room. We will get to the guts of who you are as a company and design a program that sidesteps the “schtick” and walks your talk.