September 20-23, 2018

Traverse City, Michigan

Ages: 20 & up with a hemophilia b diagnosis

Free admittance

Free airfare!

Advocacy is the heart and soul of this program. Join a group of young adults and mature adults to discuss some of the hardest, and most worthwhile topics affecting the Hemophilia B community today. Work together to pass community knowledge and culture to the next generation of leaders. Beautiful retreat style accommodations have everything you need, without the common distractions of every day life. Accessible and fun challenge course and canoe components let you take on just the right amount of challenge to build connection. See you in Traverse City. 

Wayne Cook, Kim Phelan, and Dr. David Clark each bring over 20 years experience in hemophilia B. We have been empowering people with hemophilia B and their families to ensure they have the best quality of life possible. We offer a family-oriented, hands-on approach. We provide timely information so members and their families are well informed. We believe education is power and provide several outreach programs such as our factor nine newsletter, factor nine family meetings, retreats, and yearly symposiums. The Coalition brings together some of the most dedicated professionals in the hemophilia community and we continually challenge ourselves to grow to meet the needs of the community. The Coalition for Hemophilia B was founded by John and Joyce Taylor after their son was diagnosed with severe hemophilia B. They recognized a need for an organization to serve this community.