Join the GutMonkey team and a select group of adults from the bleeding disorder community for Leading X, brought to you by Pfizer Hemophilia. Leading X is a weeklong backcountry adventure that takes place from the cockpit of a tandem sea kayak or the hull of a canoe.  Learn the fundamentals of traveling by boat, navigation, and camping while gaining leadership skills, developing personal responsibility, and forming community bonds that will serve you for years to come. Carry everything you need in a kayak hatch or canoe hull as you navigate river and sea to break camp at new destination every night. 

As a participant, you should be prepared to challenge yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally with the demands of kayaking or canoeing and living out of doors for a week. Although no previous experience is needed, a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm for adventure is highly recommended.

Make nature your classroom, and immerse yourself in new breathtaking environments with a group of your peers.  Enjoy fishing, hiking, sitting by campfires, and some of the most satisfying work you’ll do this year. This is the kind of trip you’ll never forget.


Click on this image for a download-able flyer. E-mail to everyone on your contact list... Print it out, fold into a paper airplane... affix to your favorite bulletin board... fold into a paper crane... the possibilities are endless!

Click on this image for a download-able flyer. E-mail to everyone on your contact list... Print it out, fold into a paper airplane... affix to your favorite bulletin board... fold into a paper crane... the possibilities are endless!

may 21-27, 2016

Green River, utah

canoe expedition

Meandering through the Stillwater and Labyrinth Canyons, the calm waters of the Green River make up some of Utah’s most beautiful scenery. We will paddle a 50-plus mile stretch of flat water, following the rolling desert hills of eastern Utah into the majestic depths of Labyrinth Canyon. We’ll travel through the ancient times and history of the landscape as we view the ruins and rock art sites of the Pueblo Indians. Small hikes will get us close to the red cliffs, desert sunsets, and the warmth of the rocks as we create this memorable experience. Ages 18 and up.


august 14-20, 2016

Upper missouri river, Montana

 canoe expedition

The Missouri River is the longest river in the United States. We will explore this majestic waterway following in the footsteps of the 1805 expedition of Lewis and Clark. The Upper Missouri has a rich and interesting history, including Lewis and Clark campsites, century-old pioneer homesteads, Native American rock art and tipi (or teepee) rings, fur-trading sites, and steamboat landings. This flat-water float features cottonwood trees, sandstone cliffs rising from the water, and natural rock sculptures before entering the Montana Badlands, where erosion has carved a three-dimensional tapestry. Wildlife abounds throughout the area where elk, mule and white-tailed deer, bighorn sheep, coyotes, and pronghorn antelopes can be seen. In this journey we will experience, in an intimate way, the vast and historic Western Plains. Ages 18 and up.


september 9-15, 2016

san juan islands, washington

sea kayak expedition

Nestled between the three great cities of Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria, British Columbia, are the San Juan Islands. Encompassed by the waterways of Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Rasario Strait, these islands are often referred to as the “Rain Shadow” of the Olympic Mountains, offering an average of 247 days of sunshine annually. With over 200 rocky, forested islands to explore, the area has become a world-renowned kayaking destination. These pristine waters are host to over 85 resident orca whales. Other treasured wildlife sightings may include minke whales, harbor and Dall’s porpoises, seals, river otters, and a variety of birds including auklets and herons. The region also boasts the second-largest bald eagle breeding population in the continental United States. The temperate climate, marine wildlife, and dynamic shoreline make the San Juans a paddler’s dream. Ages 27 and up.


december 4-10, 2016

10,000 islands, florida

canoe expedition

Mysterious and ancient, Everglades National Park comprises 1.5 million acres of Florida’s vast landscape. At the southwestern reaches of the park are the 35,000 acres of labyrinthine waterways and white sand beaches of Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Reserve. The Everglades are America’s only subtropical wilderness, and home to over 600 species of birds and animals, thousands of plant varieties, and several of the world’s endangered species. As we paddle flat-water rivers through lush tropical forests and the habitats of manatees, dolphins, otters, and birds, or perhaps explore the prehistoric shell middens of early civilizations, you'll understand why this is one of America’s prized World Heritage Sites. Ages 18 and up. 



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Whether accepted into this adventure or not I just want to thank you for offering this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to people of the bleeding disorder community. There aren’t many people that hold excursions like this for us and give us the chance to not only come together but also to learn from other people just like us. You really do make a difference and are inspiring to younger individuals like myself. Simply just thank you for caring about this select community and making a difference in our lives.
— Leading X Applicant



BREAKWATER Expeditions


Todd McKibben, lead guide and operations director of Breakwater Expeditions, is passionate for the outdoors, environmental awareness, and service learning. For more than 15 years, Todd has worked within the outdoor industry, creating positive and impactful wilderness experiences for adolescents and families.

Lars Hall

Lars Hall, lead guide and cofounder of Breakwater Expeditions, has honed his skills as an outdoor leader and guide in some of the world’s most awe-inspiring classrooms. For 18 years he has developed, facilitated, and guided therapeutic experiences in a variety of settings ranging from the mountains to the sea, and he’s logged more than 1500 days in the field working with adolescents, adults, and families.

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