Pat Torrey

Founder, C.E.O. & Big Dog

Pat unwittingly began his career traversing mountains and rivers, working at camps and in therapeutic wilderness programs across the country. Along the way he discovered the power that shared experiences in awe-inspiring environments can have on individuals’ lives, and he got hooked.  Pat’s work as a challenge course facilitator, builder, and adventure education trainer has focused on the professional development of youth educators and the facilitation of personal growth within organizations.  

Pat founded GutMonkey in 2005 and hasn’t looked back. His passion for quality professional training has inspired him to continue traversing mountains and rivers (more often from a plane these days) to deliver engaging and animated keynote speeches and workshop presentations at regional, national, and international events.  He has designed and implemented experiential and adventure education trainings and expeditions for professionals and staff teams nationwide. Pat’s diverse interests include free-diving, dance-floor jiving, and playing well with others, all of which can also be seen as high-quality programs that contribute to individuals’ realization of their boundless potential.


503 765 7557 ext 101