Pat Torrey

Founder, C.E.O. & Big Dog

Pat unwittingly began his career traversing mountains and rivers, working at camps and in therapeutic wilderness programs across the country. Along the way he discovered the power that shared experiences in awe-inspiring environments can have on individuals’ lives, and he got hooked.  Pat’s work as a challenge course facilitator, builder, and adventure education trainer has focused on the professional development of youth educators and the facilitation of personal growth within organizations.  

Pat founded GutMonkey in 2005 and hasn’t looked back. His passion for quality professional training has inspired him to continue traversing mountains and rivers (more often from a plane these days) to deliver engaging and animated keynote speeches and workshop presentations at regional, national, and international events.  He has designed and implemented experiential and adventure education trainings and expeditions for professionals and staff teams nationwide. Pat’s diverse interests include free-diving, dance-floor jiving, and playing well with others, all of which can also be seen as high-quality programs that contribute to individuals’ realization of their boundless potential.


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Jacose Bell


Jacose is a native Oregonian, whose love for the outdoors and sense of adventure sprung from growing up on a 34-acre farm, and getting hooked on camp through the state’s Outdoor School Program.  Jacose has taught environmental education and the arts to kids and young adults in Oregon and Alaska, for organizations including Americorps, the Northwest Regional Outdoor School Program, Campfire Council of Alaska, and Caldera Arts. After a 4 year spin with a desk job in advertising at Wieden+Kennedy, Jacose decided it was time to meld her worlds of creative thinking and natural classrooms, and joined the GutMonkey team in 2014. She loves to think about all the ways that humans are good, and could get better. Her passions currently are around equity and inclusion work, and the expansion of health for people of all backgrounds and colors.


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Joe Torrey

Facilitation & Content Manager

Joe believes good learning begins with intentional design and a playful approach. With a degree in Outdoor Education and years of professional experience in team building, summer camp, and environmental education programs, Joe crafts and implements experiences to facilitate positive change in communities, teams, individuals, and mindsets. You may also see him capturing content to empower folks to share their stories and help them find their next chapter.


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Anna-Gaelle Marshall

FINANCE & Operations Manager

Anna-Gaelle specializes in supporting creative individuals, encouraging them to reach their full potential and providing them with the infrastructure and financial support that they need in order to complete their work. She enjoyed a decade long career in international broadcast television production before becoming a mother and completing a Master’s in Education with a focus on early childhood. Anna-Gaelle is a constructivist educator who believes in self-directed and civic-minded experiential learning. She also has almost twenty years of experience in business, office and project management. She likes to keep people, programs and spreadsheets organized and is fluent in bookkeeping, file management, human resources and legal-eze. She was born in France, partakes in year-round organic urban farming and loves camping with her husband and daughters.

She is also a regional advocate for community driven Participatory Art and a founding board member of Dusty Visions, a public benefit corporation.


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Haelynne Barron

Program Facilitator

Haelynne believes that genuine human connection and play are catalysts for positive change. She is a committed practitioner of active fun and saying yes to a challenge. These practices have lead to such things as becoming a certified yoga teacher, adopting 2 spirited dogs, and competing in triathlons. After graduating with a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Portland in 2008 she began an unexpected career in summer camping. Here she started to stock her toolbox with such essential skills as campfire host, dance move architect, and costume aficionado. After more than 8 years in the professional camping field, including serving as the Summer Program Director at YMCA Camp Collins, and the Camp Director at Camp Ukandu, a children’s cancer camp, Haelynne is stoked to help folks practice being their best selves with GutMonkey.


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Chris Bombardier

Expeditions Facilitator

Chris found the magical world of outdoor experiences after completing his degree in Biology at Doane College. After working in the hemophilia research laboratory in his hometown of Denver, Colorado, Chris decided to pursue his dream of being outside and climbing the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each continent. To make this dream a little more interesting, Chris also happens to live with the chronic medical condition hemophilia. Through his blog Adventures of a Hemophiliac, Chris has shared how he overcomes this challenge to pursue his dream. To date he has completed five of the seven climbs. His goal now in working with GutMonkey is to share that passion with others that live with chronic health conditions and to empower them through experiential learning.