Pat designs exceptional programs which catapulted our Junior and Assistant Counselors into a place where they were better equipped to handle and address the various challenges and situations which arise during a residential camp environment. His training styles and methods are diverse and address and capture a wide audience. He leads participants through a variety of exercises and experiences which take them on a journey of personal growth for the adventure on which they are about to embark upon. This format of programming is essential and necessary in the community in order to continue to develop our future leaders as well as a means to train effective staff members of the various camp programs which take place in the United States.
— Val Bias, CEO, National Hemophilia Foundation
I have worked with Pat at staff trainings for hemophilia camps in Washington, Oregon and Northern California and I can safely say that I am good at my job as a Camp Director because Patrick Torrey is good at his. His ability to connect with people is second to none. I have never seen an unaffected individual connect so well with children and adults with bleeding disorders. His energy sets a bar for the staff that they spend the week trying to match. His patience is boundless and his imagination limitless. His thematic programming for Washington and Oregon camps have been shared across the country. If I am able to mentor these young people with bleeding disorders it’s because I’ve been given a framework and tools provided by Pat Torrey to make it happen.
— Dwayne Whitis, Camp Director for Washington, Oregon and Alaska Hemophilia Summer Camps
You always bring a fresh outlook and a new perspective and it continually enriches our programming. You are the best at getting people to step outside of their comfort zones and always go beyond what they thought they could ever do. By this, you are constantly getting our staff to improve not only our summer camp program, but their personal lives as well.
— Monica Dickey, former Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon Camp Director
All in all, Big Dog’s support and ideas, along with his encouragement has really helped us bring our youth program forward. Currently we have a name for our youth group and are now working on our logo. Even our adults are going to start a “youth group” committee to support and listen to what our needs are.
The biggest impact that Big Dog made with us was to assist us in defining the message that “today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders!” Thank you.
— Nick Gamache, Age 16
Whether accepted into this adventure or not I just want to thank you for offering this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to people of the bleeding disorder community. There aren’t many people that hold excursions like this for us and give us the chance to not only come together but also to learn from other people just like us. You really do make a difference and are inspiring to younger individuals like myself. Simply just thank you for caring about this select community and making a difference in our lives.
— Leading X Applicant
There are many programs offered by various entities in the hemophilia community, but the Leading Edge Program is by far one of the most impactful and result-oriented. The Leading Edge Program itself is designed to be effective, but without the infectious exuberance of Pat Torrey, Kristine Pearl, and the rest of his team, Leading Edge would not have the same impact on the youth of our community.
— Jim Dawdy, Board Member, Hemophila Foundation of Oregon
Pat’s enthusiasm, magnetic personality, and inclusive style of presenting challenging content help make GutMonkey programs the perfect conduit for effecting meaningful change in our population of young people with bleeding disorders.
— Andy Blackledge, Director of the Arizona Hemophilia Association's Camp HONOR
Original, inventive and filled with voluminous laughter is what one can say about the Leading Edge program and Pat Torrey.
— Bobby Wiseman, Director Camp Hemotion
Personally, I have watched the program’s designed by Patrick Torrey have a long-lasting and valuable impression on participants...through his training seminars and dissemination of ideas through NACCHO, Patrick’s programs can serve the greater population of the bleeding disorders community. I have always been impressed with Patrick and the quality of his programs. The programs always stress self-reliance, self-esteem, and individual responsibility in the framework of living in a collaborative society and gaining the skills necessary to succeed and prosper.
— Michael Recht, MD, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine Director, Oregon Hemophilia Treatment Center Oregon Health and Science University