Be Excellent To One Another.

Which means make new friends but keep the old, let bygones be bygones, and the Golden Rule. Or better yet, the Platinum Rule, since treating someone as you would want to be treated is a bit of an assumption, right? Treat them the way you know they would want to be treated, because you asked them. Over a plate of tater tots or from the top bunk or while planning your raid of the candy stash in your coworker's desk drawer. Ask them.  

Do The Right Thing.

We know this is aspirational and subjective and some other SAT words that essentially express “According to whom?” It means gut-check your decisions, and follow that soupy compass, because it’s almost always right. Maybe you shouldn’t raid the candy drawer. Maybe you should bring a bag of mini Twix to work and leave it on your coworker’s desk with a note that says, “Sharing Is Caring,” and thus liberate the candy stash and create a “Candemocracy” for all! 

Be Brave. 

Not like the WWE Universe. TV-Brave is not really what we’re after, and we don’t inventory that much body oil or spandex. More like Katy Perry lip-sync/dancing, or talking to a stranger about feelings right after you’ve rappelled 60 feet. And lest you get the wrong impression by all this tongue-in-cheekiness, we’re serious about this one. This one leads to the most awesome stuff we get to experience on this crazy zip line tour called life.