The Generation IX Project

Mentorship Training

For Young Adults and Teens in Oregon’s Forests

The program that started it all, young adult mentors participate in a cutting-edge leadership training before guiding teens through a powerful weekend of challenge and fun in a magnificent camp facility outside of Portland, Oregon. Since teens are the fastest-changing age group in the bleeding disorder community, part of this program will entail learning skills and developing support from others in leading the highest quality of life possible. Teens will learn about themselves, their potential, and how to work in a group, drawing knowledge from both their mentors and the GutMonkey instructor team. 

The Generation IX Project will take place at YMCA Camp Collins in Oxbow Park,  just a half-hour drive outside of Portland, Oregon. Collins boasts one of the largest and most varied high-ropes challenge courses in the country, a beach on the Sandy River (known for the occasional salmon or otter spotting), and acres of evergreen forest to explore. Perched atop scaffolding that sets them amidst the canopy or sunken into the earth like an ornate hobbit hole,  the cabins offer environmentally sustainable and comfortable accommodations that complement the beauty of the natural surroundings. Once inside, you’ll find anything but the average treehouse or hobbit hole — each cabin has a bathroom, electrical outlets, windows, individual bunk lights, and radiant floor heating. All of the cabins are connected via a canopy walkway or central gathering area. Consider taking a few extra days after the program to explore the growing cultural nexus that is Portland, or take a drive through the mighty forest to the breathtaking Oregon coastline.

Program Details

YMCA Camp Collins, Gresham, Oregon. Close to Portland International Airport and Mt. Hood

Fully supported attendance and airfare

Application Requirements

Mentors: Age 18-30

Teens: Age 13-17

Hemophilia b diagnosis

Must be able and willing to attend the entire program in shared cabin lodging with other participants and stay on site.

Applicant Priority

Participants who have not attended this program, but have attended another Generation IX Gathering (i.e. Leadership in Florida, or Advocacy in Michigan)

Previous attendees who have turned 18 in the past year, and would like to apply as a Mentor

Previous attendees who bring a friend (who meets all other applicant requirements), who has not attended before 

Wayne Cook, Kim Phelan, and Dr. David Clark each bring over 20 years experience in hemophilia B. We have been empowering people with hemophilia B and their families to ensure they have the best quality of life possible. We offer a family-oriented, hands-on approach. We provide timely information so members and their families are well informed. We believe education is power and provide several outreach programs such as our factor nine newsletter, factor nine family meetings, retreats, and yearly symposiums. The Coalition brings together some of the most dedicated professionals in the hemophilia community and we continually challenge ourselves to grow to meet the needs of the community. The Coalition for Hemophilia B was founded by John and Joyce Taylor after their son was diagnosed with severe hemophilia B. They recognized a need for an organization to serve this community.