Leading Edge is a customizable program specifically designed to empower people with bleeding disorders, helping them develop skills around personal motivation, taking positive risk, setting goals, embracing change when change is difficult, and expanding comfort zones and thus capacity. We believe that increased efficacy in these areas encourages better treatment adherence. Every Leading Edge program is based on an interactive model, and is a fun, engaging, and unconventional experience for participants. Leading Edge has worked with over 5,000 people in the last decade thanks to the generous funding provided by Pfizer Hemophilia.


2017 Theme: WOWKAPOW!

We love onomatopoeia, and when we started thinking about stress, this word felt so true!!! Stress is part of everyday life, and teens live in a world where there is a lot of Wowkapow: the raw energy, sensations, and emotions that we call STRESS. For all of us, stress can be overwhelming, but stress is also the natural experience of navigating something we care about. Does stress always have to be a bad thing? Stress is an unavoidable reality in our world, but what we do with it, and how much of it we choose to lug around is entirely up to us. GutMonkey wants to spend some time playing with stress: as a way to help us think, make us laugh, connect to what we care about, and take a break from the usual ways we cope with this combination of feelings and sensations. Come ready to be honest about how stress can shut you down, and be open to choosing a new way of using stress to propel you forward!



We can deliver a keynote presentation at your next annual meeting or family camp that will speak to topics relevant to bleeding disorders and healthier living. The power of our keynotes is twofold. First, our keynotes are relatable, and people can really see themselves in the scenarios and experiences we speak to; and second, we give people skills they can use in multiple ways, from parenting more thoughtfully, to living their values more comprehensively, to playing more often.  We want people to live healthier lives in all areas, and we believe everyday decisions impact our wellness significantly.   

As an addition to an experiential and engaging keynote, we can also run breakout sessions for parents around topics relevant to raising children with bleeding disorders. 

2016 Theme: Be Prepared!

Be Prepared?? Most of us think about Boy Scouts or preparing for “The Big One!”  However, those ways of thinking got GutMonkey thinking: How do we get prepared for real life challenges that aren’t so obvious? Breaking Up? Driving? College? Moving out? World travel? Job applications? It turns out, just like any other type of prepared, it’s through  practice! In this engaging and active program, GutMonkey will take teens through the model for tackling many situations or choices that life throws our way with games and initiatives that are based in real life scenarios.  Be prepared to laugh, move, think, and challenge yourself to “Be Prepared” for the life that is coming at you every day.