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That deep-seated desire or passion that wakes you up in the morning and drives you to take on your next big goal.

Adventure Education

Getting to the guts of better living by breaking with routine. Ropes courses, back-country expeditions, retreats, staff trainings, and choose-your-own-adventure style keynote presentations and workshops.

Chronic Med

Whether you are a person with a chronic medical condition, a person who loves someone with a chronic medical condition, or you work to make the lives of people with a chronic medical condition better, we will ask you to think differently, share your story, and do things that challenge you.


Find your next adventure

Programs for adults, teens, & families in chronic med communities 

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Leverage is a community gathering and training for adults with hemophilia with an inhibitor


Adults and Teens with Hemophilia B

The Generation IX Project brings together the hemophilia b community in several trainings and gatherings through the year


Teen Programs

Leading Edge seamlessly adds engagement and fun into your annual meetings, camps, and retreats

Be Excellent To One Another.


 Do The Right Thing.


 Be Brave.