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That deep-seated desire or passion that wakes you up in the morning and drives you to take on your next big goal.

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Adventure Education

Getting to the guts of better living by breaking with routine. Ropes courses, back-country expeditions, retreats, staff trainings, and choose-your-own-adventure style keynote presentations and workshops.


Chronic Med

Whether you are a person with a chronic medical condition, a person who loves someone with a chronic medical condition, or you work to make the lives of people with a chronic medical condition better, we will ask you to think differently, share your story, and do things that challenge you.

Hemophilia B

The Generation IX Project is a community of adults and teens with hemophilia b who meet at dynamic trainings to explore mentorship, leadership, and advocacy. Find the Gen IX gathering that is right for you.


Leverage is a highly accessible adventure retreat for adults with inhibitors.


Leading Edge is a team development and leadership training for teens in the bleeding disorders community. Coming to a camp, conference, or retreat near you!

Be Excellent To Each Other.


 Do The Right Thing.


 Be Brave.