Generation IX Mentor Teen Track Take Over!!!

What a weekend!

GutMonkey had the opportunity to work with a group of Generation IX Project Mentors, helping them design and deliver a day of leadership focused activity for the teens in attendance at the Coalition for Hemophilia B’s Symposium in Orlando.

What does a blind-folded relay with Spam have to do with leadership skill development? We’re glad you asked! The learning is always the point, but at GutMonkey, how we get there matters. Especially with teens! A relay is a great example of what we like to call, a “strong start.” Creating a learning environment that had to compete with a hotel pool, and Sea World next door meant that our mentors had to deliver a strong start.

Leadership is often portrayed as the solitary pursuit of one charismatic guru. Often, if we look just below the surface of that story, there are architects everywhere making that possible. The Generation IX Mentors wanted teens to think about leadership as a shared responsibility, and what better way to get them engaged than to have them lead each other through multiple challenges while blindfolded?

We couldn’t have been more proud of the strong start to an incredible day. Bravo!

Joe TorreyComment