This is what competent multi-tasking looks like. Eric, from Comprehensive Health Education Services (CHES), is demonstrating a self infusion while rappelling from a 60 foot climbing tower during the debut of our new program: LEVERAGE. 

LEVERAGE is a week-long experience for young adults affected by hemophilia with inhibitors. GutMonkey collaborated with CHES to bring a new kind of adventure to the inhibitor community. The week included zip-lining, rappelling, rafting, whittling, fishing, leadership and goal setting sessions,  and a very cushy campout. Our goal was to design an experience that not only accommodated folks with inhibitors, but adapted to meet every foreseeable need and leverage the participant's unique position. 

Click on the picture above to view some photos from Kevin Finkle (aka Crooked Branch), and learn more about Leverage.  


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