The Third San Juan Island Leading X


Leading X: Everglades is just a few short days away. Before we ship out to Florida for our last Leading X of 2015, we'd like to share a video from our third San Juan Island Leading X!

The San Juan Islands were the first destination for the the inaugural Leading X week-long excursion three years ago. In 2012, we circumnavigated Orcas Island and banked 56 miles of paddling and navigating currents. Back then, most of the crew was from Oregon (shout out to the lone Idahoan) but this year saw folks from the very edges of the map. Adventurers converged from Pennsylvania, New York, Seattle,  and even two brothers from Chevak, Alaska (They are the only two people affected with a bleeding disorder in their village). 

Despite coming together from very different parts of the world, the group gelled together and disembarked a team. Check out the video is below.

Please forgive the low lighting on some of the interviews. We had to shoot during sunset one night. No electricity (besides a few batteries) in the backcountry means no lighting kits, and sometimes the weather dictates the schedule. 





Be Brave,


Joe TorreyComment